alright, so i love food. eating it, smelling it, attempting to make it. i never miss an episode of chopped or top chef, i visit food blogs on the reg, and i consider food network magazine one of my besties. i’ve always dreamed of taking cooking classes and becoming a star in the kitchen – but y’know, i’m a pretty picky eater — i’m trying to broaden my horizons and eat healthier slowly but surely — and life happens…so i’ve only ever taken one class. let’s just say my idea of cooking is less making fresh pasta and more kraft mac and cheese.

but that’s all going to change. i’ve decided to make this blog my own little foodbook. why a foodbook and not a cookbook? because besides trying recipes, i’ll also be compiling lists of restaurants i want to visit and other fun foodie info. get ready for the good, the bad, and the utterly delicious. my hodgepodge of food.

trial (and error)
eat out