kale…so hot right now. what’s all the buzz about? kale tops the chart in nutrient density and is easy to grow anywhere, especially in colder climates. the wonder green has been around for ages and was such a staple in roman times that february was called kalemonath – ‘kale month’ seasonality may – june take me out + treat me right, iight? • select the most richly … Continue reading kale


chives are a commonly used herb with a delicate onion taste. they add a pop of color and flavor to any dish, but back in the 1500s europeans used them to repel insects and evil spirits (say whaa). even weirder, in the 1900s gypsies believed chives could be used to tell one’s fortune. time to get me some chives seasonality may – october take me … Continue reading chives


asparagus is a member of the lily family (ooh aah). it’s tender and succulent features have been considered a delicacy since ancient times, and it contains a diverse amount of nutrients essential for the human body. fun fact: asparagus was first culitvated in greece and its name means “stalk”…thanks grecians! seasonality may – june take me out + treat me right, iight? • asparagus usually comes … Continue reading asparagus


eaten all over the world, arugula was barely known in the united states until a decade or two again. called rocket in england and rucola in italy (don’t ask), no matter where you’re eating it arugula has a trademark bitter and peppery flavor that your tastebuds won’t forget (for all the right reasons) seasonality may – november take me out + treat me right, iight? • arugula … Continue reading arugula