chives are a commonly used herb with a delicate onion taste. they add a pop of color and flavor to any dish, but back in the 1500s europeans used them to repel insects and evil spirits (say whaa). even weirder, in the 1900s gypsies believed chives could be used to tell one’s fortune. time to get me some chives

may – october

take me out + treat me right, iight?
• choose fresh bunches of chives that are vibrantly green in color
• to store, wrap chives in a damp wet towel and store in the fridge – good for about 1 week. if you plan on eating the chives soon, you can pre-chop them and set them in water to prevent dehydration
• have a garden? consider growing chives – they spread quickly because their strong roots maintain soil integrity and prevent soil erosion. it is also suspected that chives repel various insects from attacking other plants in its proximity. you can also spray your plants with a mixture of chopped chives and water to prevent mildew from ruining crops

♪  just eat it ♫
• if any dish lacks color or needs a garnish, use chives!
• avoid cooking chives for too long as they lose their color quickly. adding them as a garnish or near the end of cooking is ideal, as the flavor seeps in but the chives maintain their beautiful color
• chives and potatoes are two peas in a pod – add chives to potato salad, baked potatoes or sprinkle over mashed potatoes

healthy or nah?
• chives possess choline, which helps to regulate sleep and mood as well as muscle movement, and also aids in memory, absorption of fat, and reduction of chronic inflammation
• folate, which can assist with depression by reducing the production of homocysteine, is active in chives
• chives are high in antioxidants, which can aid in preventing variations of cancer

give it a whirl
• cheddar-chive biscuits
• skinny buttermilk mashed potatoes with chives
• buttered corn with chives
• homemade potato chips with blue cheese and chives
• chive crab cakes
• spaghettini with lemon zest and chives
• basil chive cucumber and corn salad
• goat cheese and chive creamy scalloped potatoes
• pasta with toasted walnuts, blue cheese and chives


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