matcha tea

via Grass Fed Salsa

historically, i haven’t been a big tea drinker. even when i studied abroad in london i had to be forced to drink the stuff. but i know that tea is good for you (lots of health benefits), so i’m going to learn to love it.

first up is matcha tea. all teas are pretty darn good for you but matcha is on a whole other level. according to Michelle Phan, drinking about 10 cups of green tea would equal the amount of antioxidants you’d get from sipping one cup of matcha. cray cray. why, you may ask? because when you drink matcha you’re really consuming ground green tea leaves. sounds gross, but i’ll give it a whirl (fingers crossed i actually like it).

let’s really get into the health benefits:

• matcha has a very high concentration of chlorophyll, which helps detoxify the body, aids digestion, and has been known to banish body odors (for all you smelly peeps). it also helps the body heal faster, hip hip hooray!
• the tea is rich in amino acids, especially L-Theanin, which helps relax the body and leave you with an alert calmness; this calmness actually heightens your concentration without making you drowsy. get ready to be in a relaxed, centered state. matcha has, after all, been used in meditation for centuries.
antioxidants, antioxidants, antioxidants! matcha has more than blueberries, pomegranate, goji berries, spinach….and a bunch of other foods that are wicked good for you. matcha is MORE stacked than them. it’s basically the lady gaga (queen) of superfoods. the main antioxidant, catechins, helps our body fight against heart disease, cancer and other diseases, keeps metabolism in check and is known for having anti-aging properties. go on with your bad self, matcha.

be careful: the greener the matcha, the truer the product. check the ingredient label to make sure you’re getting the true tea; some pre-made drinks have so many added sugars and preservatives that they barely qualify as matcha. try and get the tea from japan, if you can!


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